A Society With No Absolutes Is Not A Society At All

It has become greatly fashionable to question fundamental presuppositions of right and wrong, to question presuppositions held by society for a long, long time. The generation that have adopted these positions (often unconsciously) have been marketed to again and again in popular fiction as well as by popular opinion.

The academics, journalists and rhetorical hero of the minute sing in near unanimity to pursue a life of unrestrained individualism, to seek pleasure and avoid pain while inhabiting a brief interlude before death, known as life, and make of it what you will in life, after all it’s survival of the fittest, competition is the only rule.

Never before in human history has relativism so thoroughly and completely governed the sentiment underlying human social thought and behaviour. ‘That’s YOUR truth, not mine’ it is said. ‘It’s not any of my business what he/she does’. And my favourite ‘What right do you have to say/interfere?’…Well presumably we live in a society which holds a set of common moral values…the violation and or transgression of which warrant criticism at the least and punishment at best….has that not been the central feature of human societies for hundreds of thousands of years? Err….perhaps I read the wrong literature, wait! perhaps I shouldn’t have been born downtown!

The damn truth is this, a society which has no absolute moral values….is not a society at all, but a guaranteed descent into mutually bewildered barbarism. (And oh sod off all you post-modernists)


Communication, Love & The Posthumous Battle Between Dead Poets and Hollywood

Society is becoming more and more centralised, technology dependent and is fundamentally dominated by a rigged game of money lending, which is played every morning by about 12 inhumane, superficially respectable, hereditary monopolists.

It seems human relations are becoming increasingly impersonal, abstracted into some network or other. One hears nice fuzzy terms like ‘connected’ all the time, yet the darker reality is persistently evaded and you can see the most addictive aspect of technology, immediacy, ever manifest in people. Communicating with loved ones living elsewhere illustrates the beneficial side, I have no doubt that every day between the chaotic flow of life in the ‘civilized’ world, a mobile phone or internet connection might really make a positive difference in life.

It does come at price however, a whole generation is becoming unable to communicate outside a thread bare virtual network, only feeling comfortable communicating impersonally, after all… posting a comment or sending an email is more convenient right? Yet there is a price to pay for this enveloping network, face to face communication, the essence of human contact is being pushed out of the picture, there are more consequences for this than many care to realise, on people’s mental and emotional states.

If human communication is reduced to impersonal networking, do we not expect human life to become devalued in the process, the fate of so many is determined daily in so many ways by beauracracy. Imagine if you woke up tomorrow and everyone around you communicated by sticking up post-it notes against doors, on furniture to communicate….what’s missing there? I don’t need to tell you.

So what does love mean if anything in 21st century western civilization?

I say it has been so greatly demeaned and cheapened, when the raw experience of socialising and encountering is being overshadowed by an impersonal internet, which is an experience that doesn’t leave one quite at ease, particularly women.

What has growing addiction to porn among young men doing to their understanding of love? Porn which is the humiliation and objectification of impoverished women, leaves values of sincerity, equality, love, dignity, all but trampled on. It is the mass media generally however, be it hollywood, t.v. series, the music industry which gets incredibly wealthy from our consumption of their flashy, alluring, unholy vomit, which does not hold love on any pedestal, rather bastardizes it as animalistic promiscuity or hyped displays of infidelity, the sacred is not handled with care, it is broken into shards in a battered box…

I believe there is something beautiful about sharing human experience with the one you love, having an other half, in whom you confide, with whom you grow. Hollywood shamefully presents infidelity as somehow a more exhilarating option…. When in reality there is nothing more exhilarating than falling in love.

So in defiance of the perpetual denigration of human love and romance, in the absence of the poets and romantic balladeers of ages past who held love so high, what is there to do for those who uphold the magic and beauty of human contact?

What can we do when the heart cries for something more? the indescribable passion in the company of your love whom is before your eyes true and glorious, the ultimate splendour of God’s creation? I say turn your back at the devil’s circus and step to the heart’s rhythm.