A Society With No Absolutes Is Not A Society At All

It has become greatly fashionable to question fundamental presuppositions of right and wrong, to question presuppositions held by society for a long, long time. The generation that have adopted these positions (often unconsciously) have been marketed to again and again in popular fiction as well as by popular opinion.

The academics, journalists and rhetorical hero of the minute sing in near unanimity to pursue a life of unrestrained individualism, to seek pleasure and avoid pain while inhabiting a brief interlude before death, known as life, and make of it what you will in life, after all it’s survival of the fittest, competition is the only rule.

Never before in human history has relativism so thoroughly and completely governed the sentiment underlying human social thought and behaviour. ‘That’s YOUR truth, not mine’ it is said. ‘It’s not any of my business what he/she does’. And my favourite ‘What right do you have to say/interfere?’…Well presumably we live in a society which holds a set of common moral values…the violation and or transgression of which warrant criticism at the least and punishment at best….has that not been the central feature of human societies for hundreds of thousands of years? Err….perhaps I read the wrong literature, wait! perhaps I shouldn’t have been born downtown!

The damn truth is this, a society which has no absolute moral values….is not a society at all, but a guaranteed descent into mutually bewildered barbarism. (And oh sod off all you post-modernists)


A passing whisper

This shallow, brightly lit postmodern world, promises so much, in fact it promises you everything, only to give you nothing….for everything is accessible, everything is permissible, everything is at your fingertips….

EXCEPT A MEANINGFUL LIFE. In the 21st century the prevailing spirit is one of estrangement, isolation and despair.

Higher purpose (poem)

How do you fill that void within you?

That emptiness?

In this new world, long since drifted from the past,

a great many people unwittingly destroy themselves

in an effort to fill that void,

a passive existence of routine destructiveness,

severing the ties that bind, each adrift.

The hollow existence of consumption is destruction,

every casual drink to unwind, every snack to satiate,

each and every flashing, arresting stimulation is destruction.

If we were to see ourselves,

to pause and have all strewn before our eyes,

how ashamed we would be.

If the privilege of boredom,

which the devil so cunningly arranges,

were by human will and aspiration, overcome…

we would be as mountains, steadfast, unmovable,

no longer drifting as hollow spectres,

for all would change, life would take root,

blood begin to pump with purpose around the body,

the unspeakable has emerged,

Glory to God!

The debasement of human relations

A whole generation’s understanding of what it means to be social is being reduced to a relentless, pavlovian system of abstract connectivity which amounts to a barrage of inconsistent visual and aural stimulations, a system in which people have invested all their heart, hope and ego, a system upon which they are utterly dependent, and yet this is considered progress?

The economic and political order on which modern society was constructed killed off the tribal/clan/family based society, which was not based upon self-interest, it was based upon the common good. This system could only be born if the shared religious/mythological/supernatural worldview was eroded. And so a tyrant was born, the false-self, something which our ancestors and eternal truth demands we each, as individuals slay.

A very large contradiction…

Psychopathy being a universal social reality, as well as a psychological phenomenon, undermines the myth into which we are born.

It contradicts the supposed foundation of modern capitalist democracies, the idea that the individual interest guarantees the interests of society. The naive idea that if the individual is unrestrained then society inevitably flourishes….I suppose we are all caring, individuals imbued with compassion…sadly there are exceptions to this fantasy.

This system which we are taught comes out of well-educated and beneficent minds of a period curiously termed ‘The Enlightenment’ actually goes back further, at least 100 years….if it didn’t exist in ancient times. It is mercantilism, the dominance of a merchant class whose interest (no pun intended) is profit at all costs (pun intended). The British East India Company is a good example, the Medici family’s dominance in the Italian city-states even earlier also illustrative of this system in question.

State Capitalism/Mercantilism…greed all down through history

Automaton: The effects of technology on human behavior

It seems ever popular for people to talk about the pace of technological development, which begs the question, is technology adapting to human needs? Well the needs of a dominant minority anyway.

20th century French philosopher Jacques Ellul spoke of ‘La Technique’ which infers a gradual, unconscious adaptation of human behavior and human expectations to the functioning of machines. I don’t think it is even necessary to point out the surge in people’s dependency on technology, whether smartphones or email, without these something as essential as finding work is made problematic.

Unbeknownst to the earth’s well-fed, first world populous, whom tend to inhabit a sort of bubble…human history is for it’s greater part, a story of survival. For the control freak, a society whose sustenance or, stated more directly, survival, demands submission to a ruthlessly efficient, centralised, bureaucratic network, is a dream come true, and the movers and shakers of the corporate world aren’t exactly the most benevolent bunch. Ultimately though, what course life takes is down to the individual, within the conscious individual there is no inevitable submission to a techno-economic society, or anyone else’s will for that matter.

The detrimental effects of technology on human life is a major taboo in the 21st century, and it can be scarcely broken without reprisal. Those who can’t bear any criticism, tend to react (reflexively) in a defensive manner, as if they themselves were being accused of something horrendous. I’m sure even in myself there would be an unconscious drive to sell the wonders of whichever gadget to a person of a self-sustaining community such as among the inuit or mongolian reindeer herders, with postulations of superiority in the back of my mind. It’s an unsettling realisation that our human condition is being dominated by technology. The very thought that ‘perhaps there is another way…’ stirs within most quite bitter, resentful sentiment.