A very large contradiction…

Psychopathy being a universal social reality, as well as a psychological phenomenon, undermines the myth into which we are born.

It contradicts the supposed foundation of modern capitalist democracies, the idea that the individual interest guarantees the interests of society. The naive idea that if the individual is unrestrained then society inevitably flourishes….I suppose we are all caring, individuals imbued with compassion…sadly there are exceptions to this fantasy.

This system which we are taught comes out of well-educated and beneficent minds of a period curiously termed ‘The Enlightenment’ actually goes back further, at least 100 years….if it didn’t exist in ancient times. It is mercantilism, the dominance of a merchant class whose interest (no pun intended) is profit at all costs (pun intended). The British East India Company is a good example, the Medici family’s dominance in the Italian city-states even earlier also illustrative of this system in question.

State Capitalism/Mercantilism…greed all down through history