Higher purpose (poem)

How do you fill that void within you?

That emptiness?

In this new world, long since drifted from the past,

a great many people unwittingly destroy themselves

in an effort to fill that void,

a passive existence of routine destructiveness,

severing the ties that bind, each adrift.

The hollow existence of consumption is destruction,

every casual drink to unwind, every snack to satiate,

each and every flashing, arresting stimulation is destruction.

If we were to see ourselves,

to pause and have all strewn before our eyes,

how ashamed we would be.

If the privilege of boredom,

which the devil so cunningly arranges,

were by human will and aspiration, overcome…

we would be as mountains, steadfast, unmovable,

no longer drifting as hollow spectres,

for all would change, life would take root,

blood begin to pump with purpose around the body,

the unspeakable has emerged,

Glory to God!


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