There are two paths in life

There are two paths you can take in this life, one of fear and one of fearlessness.

The first path is very like the existence of a control freak who is so afraid of anything outside their delicately constructed understanding of reality that they will hold on to this world they have constructed at all costs, anything perceived as different, as being outside their construction is a threat. Sanity hangs on a precipice.

That which may possibly separate  their understanding of the world, from that breast to which they eternally cling is met with hysterical suspicion at best and bitter resentment at worst, it is outside the confines of the circle which has drawn itself around them. The saying ‘people fear what they don’t understand‘ is very apt here.

The road less traveled in our society is the path of fearlessness which bravely anticipates and even trusts that which lies beyond the confines of the circle, there is no evil, dark, obscure force lurking in wait for them. The ‘other’ is not one to be feared, but a human to be learned from and lived alongside. The path of fearlessness gives us the humility that our understanding of the world is at best incomplete, if not flawed, is it not radical humility to take the step in opening up to the experiences and ideas of others?

The Quest of truth can only be pursued beyond the circle which is drawn around all humans. Truth and profound understanding is ascertained either Rationally or Intuitively and yet that is not always enough, one needs  courage, humility and empathy.


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