The origin of evil

I have had a respect for the psychologist Carl Jung since I first read his work ‘the undiscovered self’ about two years ago, I think Carl Jung offers us some very profound insights into human nature, insights which do not demand scholarship or even any use of academic terminology (a type of language which often serves to exclude people outside of academic/scientific structures).

I am a religious person, having said that it is clear to me that ‘evil’ as we understand it has been unknowingly and sometimes purposefully personified by priests and religious leaders as an external physical reality, the devil etc. This understanding I would say has served to instill a sense of fear and impotence in people.

It obscures an important truth which each individual must acknowledge for themselves during life, that evil is an internal psychic reality in each of us, it may take hold of us at times, compel us to do something or think in a way which we would not normally as empathic humans do. Evil is a part of us….which is a difficult and powerful thing to admit, but in confronting this inner dimension of human nature we achieve something indescribably important.


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