The matrix we live in

For the mast majority of teenagers and adults increasingly, real life, that is to say the individual’s relationship with the world around them, has become merely an appendage to their other all encompassing virtual persona.

A whole generation’s preoccupations, their very habits are being directed by their online identity, most people can’t distinguish between themselves as living human beings on a living planet and their username/ego/persona inside a digital mass media network.

The internet can really be a virtual maze of newsfeeds, links and endless other visually exhausting stimulations. It’s too easy to for us to become conditioned to a passive, hollow digital existence. The inner logic of modern technology operates along the following simple lines, via the illusion of convenience a dependence is developed and an expected standard is established in the mind, i.e that farming, cooking or obtaining information ought to take only as long as modern technology permits.

What emerges then is a system of internal expectations in the human mind which can only be fulfilled by the most immediate, effortless means. Perhaps most dangerous of all is what this does to our innate sense of gratification, no longer does for example the procedure of writing and posting a letter seem as appealing or as satisfying for today’s atomised man who has adapted unwittingly to a pavlovian system of control.

It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity  – Albert Einstein.


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