Wisdom Lost in a World of Information

Where is the sensibility?

Where is our wisdom?

It has been lost amid a world of data, a society, a machine which would combust without information, we ask for information, we want to be informed, our minds are polluted with information, we are not permitted to escape this sphere of endless symbolic stimulation, mental manipulation, the machine, the combine, the system, call it what you will, it is not neutral, it encroaches upon everything, it has declared all its own domain, c’est la technique as philosopher Jacques Ellul described.

How can our inner voice of conscience compete with the incessant, tempestuous waves of INFORMATION, the war against human wisdom which passes down through generations has long since begun, it is a daily war for the human soul, and remember this too….information does not mean truth. The Cult of Information, read and listen to Theodore Roszak (1933-2011) He was a voice of wisdom in this electronic, mass-media age.


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