The Machine (poem)

Organised violence, insatiable greed, accumulation,

days pass for most in quiet desperation,

Power-worship, objectification, a mockery of hope,

promises of a better tomorrow, bodies hung by rope,

Rendition, torture, such barbarity ought not last,

endless wars, generations into living hell cast.

Broken homes, broken dreams, the death of irony,

selective vocabulary, shelters any mercenary,

Uniformity, assimilation and a threat so incessant,

not time to question, take an antidepressant.

Mercantilism, monopolies, limited liability,

violence of finance considers no human fragility.

Cities, their crowds yet isolation,

nervous breakdowns, dreams crushed in frustration,

People as digits, faceless, dehumanization,

efficiency rules all, killing any human relation,

Homelessness, human trafficking, prostitution,

suspension of disbelief, a tragic solution.

Cultures of silence, atomic bombs of science,

try to mute the news while you join the queues,

Worship the pay, get a chance to play,

soon to realise that which you truly despise

more than the impotence before a self-perpetuating machine,

is a lost life, who you could have been.


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