Power worship in our time

There seems to be a natural human tendency to listen to those with charisma, some would say we need a leader (I think by now we know down what path that leads) I would suggest role model over leader, perhaps because I think more paleolithically. Charisma seems to be composed of a number of human traits: passion, eloquence, charm, magnetism among others, the latter being the most pronuonced curiously enough.

I’ve always thought charisma has been too readily accepted as something unquestionably virtuous. I’m certain you know a charismatic person, or at least someone charismatic has left an impression on you, whether you were literally impressed or were left with a bad taste in your mouth, sadly that bad taste is  generally a poison which for most slips down the throat unnoticed in lieu of being dazzled or mesmerised by a suave character.

Political figures, celebrities, those with wealth and power are worshipped by the masses, the media knows this, that we emulate those presented as successful (with flood lights following them wherever they walk) this is a great con, media moguls and culture creators know how to exploit human nature. Charisma is neither a good or bad thing, what matters is human character, a prick with charisma is just a more impressive prick. My point is that for children who live in a world flooded by media, status is a relentless motif, and you can be sure as shirley little john and sarah aren’t going to be validated for who they are as humans by the mass media matrix, who only have time for well glossed perfection. Charisma today is hard to separate from power worship.


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