The Only Show Going

You awake to noise, electronic sounds, voices through every medium but your own songbird.

Open those tired eyes to a tsunami of repugnantly mixed colours, spread across the room, unholy but efficient,

There’s no question of what you do now, go through with it, remember all those plans you made?… but whose plans?

No, no, no time to think about that now…..musn’t think, who knows where a thought could lead? How am I for time?

‘Heavy traffic inbound’, you had hoped to beat the rush, too late, follow through, you feel a sudden shock at your leg, 1 message…

All you ever find with that incessant, beeping toy with whom you’ve bonded so closely, is its cycle of expressionless instructions…








never ending, unthinking, killing silence, any trace of honest, vital human essence.

Plug in, some music will help, maybe it will motivate you for the day, perhaps you’ll even feel an undetectable sense of triumph!

Track 2, what a privilege to block off the sounds of that mad world around you eh? create that cocoon, an act of true desperation.

Track 11, that one began very loudly, kind of hurt my head, forget about it, just keep looking good as you walk around the city,

Image, keep up the image, don’t let them see you’re vulnerable, you’re not, you’re on top, it’s your favourite song.

Yes turn on that computer, get stuck on the web, caught in the net, who knows whats happened in the outside world since last night?

Your gaze is transfixed, you don’t have much say in that, but you’re getting there, oh yes you are…

A delight for the senses, with lights, sounds, everything to captivate and mesmerise.


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