Elm Guesthouse: A glimse into power

Something incredibly dark is revealing itself in the back pages of the media, it is a fundamentally offensive trend of crime, you’re feeling a sense of despair & inertia, the mind harbours frustrated echoes of ‘How?!’ & ‘Why?!’.

For those who chose at some point in their lives to brave the world’s evil, revelations of child sexual abuse by members of the British establishment across the board will be shocking in purely one sense of the word.

I feel frustrated to the point of physical restlessness with the fact that vulnerable children in care were (and transparently are) groomed and sold by state agencies to the sickest perverts inhabiting this world to be abused and humiliated, and as Bill Moloney, a former child abuse victim, and advocate for abused children has pointed out, these children are overwhelming from working class backgrounds.

I may never have the chance to confront these criminals personally, but I won’t let their deviant crimes go unmentioned, to ignore their crimes is to not only validate them, but to empower them. If a handful of people read this, it is a small victory in a greater campaign for justice.



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