The loss of our senses, perhaps the robbery of our senses

Television, began to sprout up in homes across the ‘developed’ world in and around the 1940s. This marked a turning point in civilization because human behaviour has never quite been the same since. It captivated people, it pacified them, the centre of attention was becoming concentrated. As it flickered, well into the night, the wind howled in pathetic fallacy…are senses had been augmented.

The radio had existed years some years before the advent of television, and undoubtedly its place in social consciousness had paved the way for television. Families routines gradually were shaped around the ‘news’ or radio plays broadcast over the airwaves, it was in that regard human behaviour was modified. Yet there was a discernible  liberty with which the individual engaged with the radio, one’s sense of hearing wasn’t consumed, more directed than consumed. Since portable cassette players, portable CD players & the contemporary mp3 player however, the individual is literally plugged in, the world is drowned out. I have a trust that individuals can use these technologies prudently, I don’t doubt that, but ask yourself, how much choice do we really have?

A boy 8 years of age in 2000 had as much say in his future social environment as a minnow does in the ocean’s currents. The cards are in the hands of the advertising industry and the corporate media sadly enough…

Between the crowds of driven shoppers & ceaseless advertisements which disturbingly embellish urban architecture,  a change has occurred, without a whisper, most certainly without announcement. It could only be realised through an individual’s reflection, detached from a day’s madness. Above all, the realisation occurs detached from the machine, which steals humanity incrementally, gadgets becoming extra limbs, which in all irony cripple the mammal they attached themselves to. The third sense is touch, a phone is touched, that is the interaction, cards with electronic chips, used for goods and services everyday by most people, pervasive is it not?


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