Aggression with a Mask

I’m someone who tries to suppress anger and frustration, particularly if I’m in the company of others. I’ll avoid using the clinical language in expressing my point…

I usually repress my anger, bury it deep, and yet it inevitably surfaces at some given point. It typically takes the form of a bout of rage. They are few and far between, often years between them, yet they are certain to occur eventually. However, from my experience most people deal with this frustration, pent up rage, existential angst, whatever you want to call it, in a different way.

Within various degrees of subtlety, most people are passive-aggressive in the society which I live, I wouldn’t be ignorant as to suggest this is a universal phenomenon.

Without proceeding further in that vein, I’d like to say that I appreciate you taking the time to read this. I’ve needed to do this for some time.Who knows? perhaps the cathartic effect of simply typing this out will support me in living out my religious values; self control/self-restraint.

I’ll give some examples of this passive aggressiveness to illustrate my point;

Facial expressions, and body language aside, there are turns of phrases, subtle quips and palpably insulting insinuations;

”Only that could happen to you ”- ” I don’t know anyone else that could happen to…” – ”Yeah I’d do that if I were you…” (this one is often accompanied by a noticeably insincere chuckle, almost like an unconscious reflex)

Here are some more condescending statements which instill a sense of impotence, ”What do you think?”, ”Obviously..”, ”I wouldn’t be so…”, ”Shouldn’t you…” ”I don’t think that’s……. (always followed by a condescending ‘haha’, which although issued seemingly in nobody’s direction is targeted at your dignity).

A few more to round it off, ”Do you even know?…” (Chance of subsequent ‘ha’ or ‘haha’ 80%) ”Ehhhh…..No” (Americanized = Ummmm…..No).

Well there you have it, you’ll be a bit more perceptive to mockery, derision, passive aggression, twits, knitwits, and perhaps simply undisciplined people venting their frustrations in a regrettable manner…..ah yes, the solution to this I’ve discovered, is a good slap in the back of the head.



4 thoughts on “Aggression with a Mask

  1. Ummmmm, slap in the head is the best bet lol ha ha (just kidding) I hope you have a sense of humour. You have already made the first step by talking about it. Good on you! It sounds to me as though you don’t give yourself enough credit, on the flip side to your anger what is the good side? Start to personally explore yourself noting all the little things and list the triggers of your Anger and ask yourself why? is it worth this feeling, Anger comes deep within, understanding the why is the foundation to changes. Cheers Leisa

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